Who’s involved? / Contact

Larry Slipp is the brain and brawn behind the Organic Celebration–not to mention the host!  If you need to contact Larry, you can reach him by calling (506) 488-8904 or via email:  slippfarms@xplornet.ca. If you are interested in volunteering for the event (great perks!) please contact Larry.

ACORN (the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network is helping to organize the event, and you can contact us anytime for more information about the event, local organic food and farmers or questions about organic food in Atlantic Canada.   Contact Tegan at tegan@acornorganic.org or call 506-939-3334.

We hope you can make it!

Otherwise, we must thank our sponsors and donors, the dedicated and delicious Speerville Flour Mill:

This event wouldn’t be possible (or much fun) without their help!

And let’s certainly not forget the organic beer contributions from Picaroons (Northampton Brewing Co)–you can’t have an awesome local organic event without your local organic brews–we love you Picaroons!


2 Comments on “Who’s involved? / Contact”

  1. Kathi Dunphy says:

    Would you ever consider holding future events early in the week instead of a saturday? I imagine a lot of your partygoers are farmers and have weekend market commitments. Our Farmers Market in St Martins is sunday afternoon which means all day friday and saturday til midnite is harvesting, washing, weighing, and bagging produce. A number of other markets are held on saturdays. How about a poll on this site? Wishing we could come, sounds like a great time and a welcome break!
    Kathi Dunphy
    Minihorse Farm Organic Produce

    • acornorganic says:

      Hi Kathi,

      Thanks for posting! Yes, it’s definitely a tough decision about when to host an event when there are farmers involved! Given that most markets are Saturday morning, we’d hoped that having it begin Saturday afternoon (post-market) would allow more farmers to come–but I’m sorry to hear that you will be unable to attend as a result of the Sunday market in St. Martins! This is just the second year for this particular event and really, it comes down to what works for the event host as well when the public would be available to attend. But your point is well understood and we’ll reconsider from year to year!

      We hope you can make it for at least some of the event if at all possible!

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