Come learn about, celebrate and ENJOY local organic food!

Got organic questions you’d like answered? Not sure where to source organic foods locally? Looking for a fun farm activity for you and your family?

Slipp Farms invites you to their fourth annual Organic Celebration on August 25th!

Taking place near the end summer, the event is a perfect opportunity to come together, connect, and network over organic food – right on an organic farm! Whether you’re a newcomer to organics or a long-time supporter, you’ll find organic farmers, retailers and processors, as well as enthusiasts, and all those who enjoy wholesome organic food.

This year’s Organic Celebration will take place on August 25th, starting at 12PM. It will feature an array of music throughout the day and into the evening, as well as a tour of Slipp Farms’ 600-acre, 7th generation family farm starting right at 12PM – arrive on time so as not to miss out on this! The farm is located in the heart of the lower Saint John River Valley, and is home to organic chickens and cows. Afterwards, satiate your organic tastes on Speerville wood-fire oven pizzas, Slipp Farms’ beef burgers, and Picaroons’ beer. Food will be served from 1 to 7PM.

The celebration will also feature an “Organic Info Fair.” This event will be open from 1-5pm and is your chance to meet with local organic farmers, retailers, and processors. Come ask your organic questions and pick up some local organic products while you’re at it!

We hope to see many familiar and new faces alike!

Quick summary of key times for the event:

12:00 pm Farm Tour led by Larry Slipp, Organic Celebration host and owner of Slipp Farms

1:00pm The main part of the event – eating – begins! Organic Info Fair opens

5:00pm Organic Info Fair closes

7:00pm Food wraps up

8:00pm Everybody home with minds and bellies full of organic goodness!

Stay tuned as we finalize musical performers and more event details!