Looking like an amazing weekend

So, Slipp Farms has a ton of music planned for the weekend. Paula Jardine and the Homeless House Band are confirmed for Saturday afternoon (and maybe that evening too). There’s also Three Point Hedge, Iron Rooster, Southern Comfort (bluegrass), Gail Carpenter, Linda Bailey and more!!

Speerville Organic Mill also confirmed that they will be ready to serve 400 organic, wood-fired pizzas – yum, yum! Larry Slipp will be serving up BBQ hamburgers (from organic, grass-fed beef, of course!), and Picroon’s will quench your thirst with their organic brew. Just bring your own dishes/utensils, as it’s a low impact event.

There’s also swimming from the dock, so don’t forget your bathing suit and towel (the weather is supposed to be perfect).

Can you believe this is all free?? Of course, donations will be gratefully accepted.

Come campout or pop-in when you can — this will undoubtedly be a good time.

Organic Celebration Poster

Location: Central Hamstead, NB (http://tinyurl.com/organiccelebration)


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